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Bazillium Teatro - Your trip to Moscow

olkavastik posting in Your trip to Moscow
User: trip_to_moscow (posted by olkavastik)
Date: 2011-03-30 00:49
Subject: Bazillium Teatro
Security: Public
Bazillium Teatro - a theater of Extemporization, Experiments and Eclecticism.
(like Palazzo theater and Teatro ZinZanni)

Welcome to the "BAZILLIUM TEATRO" * - magical, luxurious and mysterious at the same time.

Forget about old-fashioned armchairs and rows. Only for you, we have prepared a hand-made velvet lodge.
It's a wonderful ambience and everybody is free to participate. You are not just spectators but you are actively involved on a fascinating trip through the world of supranatural and mysterious experiences.
We don't use speech, only magic, ancient circus art and the power of true friendly emotions.
The world of "Bazillium" is not just a show. That very vintage circus style together with up-to-date technologies contributes to incredible miracles.
Among the greatest magicians and creators of "BAZILLIUM" is the famous circus actor of the world-reknown "Cirque du Soleil" - Vasiliy Demenchukov.
"BAZILLIUM" is waiting for everyone who is open to miracles.

Our shows:
1) "Concertina" - is an amazing lovestory between an ordinary clown and the beautiful Concertina that only can happen in a circus - clowns, trapez artists, acrobats, jugglers and dancers - they are all there. This hilarious, sparkling performance comes to a happy end and an enchanting finale. Direction and all roles are performed by the clown-mime theater "MirLits ", they are making it as always bright and original, drawing on their experience in" Litsedei.

2) "Bachelors" - a performance that combines acting, clownery, eccentrics, acrobatics, dance, music, juggling. It happens at a railway station of a remote Russian place where not any train has passes for 30 years. Nevertheless, all the station personnel perform their duties and hope that a train will finally come. And one day ... an angel comes down to the tired and lonely old men and bring them to life again.

We feel a special affection for our young visitors. So, the whole team of "BAZILLIUM TEATRO" presents an opportunity for adults to feel free to bring tatlers up to 3 years.
For children up to 12 years (inclusive) the price for a ticket is just 500 rubles.

With love, warmth and care, we are not only preparing our shows but also food&drinks for our guests. The performances start at 17.00 but our doors are opened for all 15:30.
So, to taste the "BAZILLIUM"-signature dishes come early and visit the magical "BAZILLIUM Cafe"
( ... and make sure to taste our signature dish "hocuspocus, Strudel"!
* at VDNKh, between 64 and 66 exhibition hall, behind Friendship Fountain

Bazillium teatro, Базиллиум театро from 3avideo on Vimeo.

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