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Gagarin’s oak in the Kremlin - Your trip to Moscow

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User: trip_to_moscow (posted by opposto)
Date: 2011-04-12 23:04
Subject: Gagarin’s oak in the Kremlin
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Tags:kremlin, moscow
Two days after returning from space - on April 14, 1961 - Yury Gagarin planted an oak in the Kremlin. They say when Gagarin died 7 years later and was buried on Red square, the oak became ill, and for some time gardeners didn't even believe in its recovery. However, we are lucky to see Gagarin's oak alive in Tainizkiy garden of the Kremlin. I would like you to show this 50 years old tree, which commemorates the first ever space flight.

BTW, Gagarin's eldest daughter, Elena Gagarina, is director of the Kremlin Museums starting from April 12, 2001.
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