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Levitan exhibition - Your trip to Moscow

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User: trip_to_moscow (posted by opposto)
Date: 2011-02-25 15:03
Subject: Levitan exhibition
Security: Public
Exhibition in Moscow (Oct 15 to Mar 20)
ISAAK LEVITAN. To the 150th anniversary.
State Tretyakov Gallery, Krymsky Val

Isaak Levitan a classic Russian landscape painter is considered to be a creator of mood landscape genre. “Levitan's landscape” is an understandable term both to art specialists and art lovers. The exhibition shows approximately 300 works by Levitan, presenting the most famous masterpieces as well as less known paintings. Among the latter for me was his last unfinished painting “Lake. Russia” full of light and spring hopes and his bouquets of flowers. Flowers, painted by I.Levitan, are not the most luxurious flowers in the world. These are lilacs with their first scent of spring, wild flowers, cornflowers, and dandelions as an enduring metaphor for fleeting nature of life. Similar to his mood landscapes these are flowers for the heart and soul. 

2.A.Shurygin Portrait of I.Levitan

3.I.Levitan Portrait of Lena Nenarokova

4.I.Levitan White lilac 1895

5. I.Levitan Cornflowers

6.I.Levitan Dandelions

7.I.Levitan Lake. Russia. 1900

8.I.Levitan Lake. Russia. 1900

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